Poetry, the written and spoken word can be an important companion during times of grief, giving us comfort, strength and a sense of belonging.

As part of my podcast series "Soul Cravings" I am delighted to bring you my conversation with Kim Langley - speaker, coach and author of the poetry collection and grief companion "Send my roots rain."



In this episode we talk about the book, Kim's own experience of grief, how she coped, her advice for self care during grief and tips for those who are interested in becoming a speaker or writer.




"Send my roots rain" does 4 things in 1:

  • help sign-posting our grief journey when we feel lost,
  • offering poems from a variety of cultural and religious traditions,
  • each followed by a brief meditation,
  • and quotation, with questions for contemplation, journaling, or group discussion.

The book is a thoughtful companion if you are going through or preparing for grief, if you work in the helping profession and support people with grief (eg in therapy or counselling, hospice, palliative, pastoral care and much more).

Watch the trailer on YouTube HERE

You can buy the book on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle version US here or UK here

Follow Kim on social media: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Kim's website is lifebalanceenterprises.com

And since we are a dog-friendly lot here at Soul Cravings, we must not forget to mention Tucker, Kim's special PR PA.




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Karin Sieger is a UK-based registered and accredited online psychotherapist. She offers support locally and globally. Visit KarinSieger.comCheck out Karin's podcast 'Cancer and You'. Follow Karin on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn

Kindly note: This podcast is not a substitute for counselling, therapy or any medical assistance you may require. If in doubt, reach out to your medical practitioner.  

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